Useful Charts for Students of Hidayat al-Nahw

While teaching Hidayat al-Nahw this last year, I chose to stick to the actual book as the text and not the Irani, revamped version entitled Al-Hidayah fi ‘l-Nahw which basically simplifies the text in certain places, adds practice questions and summaries, and inserts neat little charts for visualizing divisions and categories.

Because al-Hidayah fi ‘l-Nahw is relatively hard to find, I decided to retain Hidayat al-Nahw as a text, but instead chose to use Al-Bushra Publication’s version of the book which includes most of the exercises and summaries from the Irani version while essentially retaining the original text (with a few minor changes here and there). The only disadvantage of Bushra’s rendition is that it does not include the charts in the Irani version.

I had some students scan the charts and make a pdf of them. Special thanks to Adam Oraefo for scanning and Wali Shaheed for editing the scan to include only the charts.

Hidayat al-Nahw Charts

3 thoughts on “Useful Charts for Students of Hidayat al-Nahw

  1. Salam, I have just glanced through the charts and noticed that the اسباب منع الصرف chart only has eight items , it is missing عجمة

    • I noticed that too. Also, on the final chart I noticed incorrect vowelling on مصحح. And, in the chart it self, قلة and كثرة should not have been included at all, as the text makes it clear that it is a separate division of الجمع and even includes all مصحح (absent of ال) in the قلة category.

  2. احسنتم جزاكم الله و مشكوووووووووووووووووووووور
    نصرت حسين من اسلام اباد باكستان

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