Treasures of Arabic Morphology (Min Kunuz al-Sarf) by Shaykh Ebrahim Muhammad

Attached is the now widely-used English book of Arabic morphology, compiled by Shaykh Ebrahim Muhammad of Camperdown, South Africa. It is used as the main text for Sarf in many madrasahs today. The book has been published by ZamZam Publishers in Karachi, albeit with poor printing. The margins are missing and the pages/binding are  small and of poor quality. Students tend to prefer to print out the pdf and bind the book themselves. This gives them large margins to write notes on and allows for easier reading because of the larger pages.

The students at the Institute of Islamic Education, however, were given permission by the author to print these copies instead of buying the published book. I suggest that anyone who wishes to do the same obtain permission from the author.

Treasures of Arabic Morphology

9 thoughts on “Treasures of Arabic Morphology (Min Kunuz al-Sarf) by Shaykh Ebrahim Muhammad

  1. I would like to download and print the pdf copy of this book. Let me know how contact the author to the whether it is permissible or not. Jazakallahu Khiran. Muhammad Ali Dubai.

  2. Albalagh Bookstore mention, on their web-site [], that this book is based on ‘Ilmus Seegha’.

    Does anybody know how true this is? Does ‘Treasures’ cover as much, and as eloquently, as ‘Ilmus Seegha’?

  3. Bismillah. Mawlana. Please email me, I have a scanned copy of tamreen us-sarf thay you may upload here if you wish

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