al-Hawi li ‘l-Fatawi li ‘l-Imam al-Suyuti

A book of fatawa by Imam Suyuti rahimahullah with many controversial and still relevant issues like mawlid, loud group dhikr, the hadra and the tasbih, to name a few, and much more; on almost each (still) controversial (in the sense of the debates between Salafis and Sufis to put it simply) topic one can think of he has a fatwa. Download here: al-Hawi li’l-Fatawi as-Suyuti (410 pp.) The quality of the copy/print is rather poor though but it is still beneficial.

18 thoughts on “al-Hawi li ‘l-Fatawi li ‘l-Imam al-Suyuti

  1. Is the name of this kitab ‘al hawi lil fatawi’ or ‘al hawi lil fatawa’. Im just a bit confused seeing the name being said in different ways. Jazakumullahu khair

  2. Wa iyyakum brother.

    If you look at the title on the cover in Arabic you can read a kasrah on the letter waw (because of li) followed by a letter ya. It is fatawi as a consequence. W’Allahu ‘alam bi sawab.

      • wslm wmrahmtlh wbrk, tq brother, i found the kitab juz awal, but i’m still looking for the an second juz (volume two) any idea where can i find it..tq.

  3. From Taj al-‘Arus:

    ( والفتياو الفتوى ) بضمهما ( وتفتح ) أي الاخيرة ( ما أفتى به الفقيه ) في مسألة قال الراغب هو الجواب عما يشك فيه من الاحكام وقال الجوهرى هما اسمان من أفتى واقتصر على ضم الفتيا وفتح الفتوى وفى المصباح الفتوى بالواو 3 تفتح وتضم اسم من أفتى العالم إذا بين الحكم ويقال أصله من الفتى وهو الشاب القوى والجمع الفتاوى بكسر الواو على الاصل وقيل يجوز الفتح للتخفيف

    • Great. Now we have to change the title again! :)

      Jzk Ali for that research. I’m so glad that this website can become a forum for such useful discussions. I’m going to change the title back to how Sidi had originally posted it.

  4. Subhanallah! Got to love Sh Bilal Ali! Such wonderful humbleness as a scholar! Mashaallah to everyone else for the research also!

  5. Can anyone please help me in finding an English or Urdu translated version of this book?
    It would be a great help if someone can help me finding it, as I have failed miserably and I am simply unable to find the translation.
    Please email me at:

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