Book Review: Hanafi Principles of Testing Hadith

Review by: Waqar Akbar Cheema

Title: Hanafi Principles of Testing Hadith 
Author: Atabek Shukurov An-Nasafi / Sulaiman Ahmed (translator)  
Publisher: Avicenna Academy, UK  
Release Date: May 1, 2015  
Format: Hardback  
Pages: ix + 311  

The book is allegedly an attempt at revival of hanafi methdology in hadith. However, in reality far from representing the hanafi school’s actual approach it is an attempt at putting a ‘scholarly’ garb on compromising hadith as a source of Islamic law and etiquette in view of the pressing polemics and criticism coming from a different world-view.

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The Life of Muhammad: A Critique of Guillaume’s English Translation

By Dr. ‘Abdul Latif Tibawi

Professor Guillaume is not merely offering a translation of the received text of the biography of Muhammad, as recorded by Ibn Hisham from al-Bakka’i, from Ibn Ishaq. His work is a translation of his own reconstruction of Ibn Ishaq ….

… one gathers from the concluding words on page v that the translator hopes that his translation will ‘help to further cooperation and friendliness between my country and the Islamic world.’ This is an aim which is, of course, more expedient than academic, but it is nevertheless a commendable one, formulated as it is by a student of Islam who is at the same time an Anglican clergyman. It is difficult, however, to see how a profane transformation of the received text of the life of Muhammad such as is attempted by Professor Guillaume is likely to commend itself to the Islamic world.Read More »

مؤلفات علماء ديوبند فيما يتعلق بالحديث الشريف

1- حاشية صحيح بخاري حاشية ضخمة على صحيح البخاري، أحمد علي سهارنبوري.
2- التعليقات والحواشي على سنن الترمذي، أحمد علي سهارنبوري.
3- التعليقات والحواشي على مشكاة المصابيح. أحمد علي سهارنبوري.
4- بذلُ المَجهود في شرح سنن أبي داؤد، مولانا الشيخ خليل أحمد سهارنبوري، والتعليقات العلمية عليه للشيخ زكريا كاندهلوي.
5- فتحُ المُلهم في شرح مسلم ، شبير أحمد عثما ني.
6- فيض الباري بشرح صحيح البخاري، عربي، إمام العصر أنورشاه كشميري.
7- اَلعَرفُ الشّذِي على جامع الترمذي، أنورشاه كشميري.
8- الكوكبُ الدُّرّي على جامع الترمذي، عربي، حضرة كنكوهي.
9- اَلنّفعُ الشّـذِي شـرح الترمذي، أردو، حضرة كنكوهي.
10- شرح سنن أبي داؤد، عربي، إمام العصر كشميري.Read More »

List of Prominent Muhaddithun – Arabic PDF by Muntasir Zaman

asSalaamu Alaikum,

Compiled by Mawlana Muntasir Zaman – may Allah (SWT) reward him – this Arabic PDF contains the names, year of birth, year of death, and some major work/s of prominent Hadith scholars from the generation following the Companions till the 15th century Hijri. Included in the PDF is a short intro and 185 footnotes.

To download the PDF, please click the link below:

جَدوَل لأسماء أعلام المحدثين ومواليدهم ووفياتهم مع ذكر بعض مؤلفاتهم


The ‘Thabat’ of Mawlana Yunus Jawnpuri

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.23.50 AMasSalaamu Alaikum,

In this book, Mawlana Yunus Jawnpuri of Mazāhir al-Ulūm Sahāranpūr, India discusses the sanads (chains) he has received in the Sihah Sitta, Shama’il al-Muhamadiyyah, Awa’il al-Sunbuliyah, Muwatta in three riwāyāt, and other texts.

This was originally shared by Cordoba Academy; may Allah (SWT) reward them.

Below is the link to the document as well as Mawlana Yunus (db)’s handwritten version:

التانس بذكر أسانيد الشيخ محمد يونس

Handwritten by Mawlana Yunus Jawnpuri

Also see a related post: The ‘Thabat’ of Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (db) by Shaykh Yasin Al-Fadani (ra) 

Fada’il al-Hajj by Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya al-Kandhlawi

asSalaamu Alaikum,

Fada’il al-Hajj by Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya al-Kandhlawi

The author writes in his forward,

“During his tow campaigns in Hejaz, Mawlana Yusuf [al-Kandhlawi] noticed that a vast numbers of the pilgrims who gather there annually are well nigh completely unacquainted with the virtues and aadaab of Hajj. They seem to be unaware of the vast blessing of this great form of worship with the result that they do not return home with the feelings, the inspiration, and enthusiasm for righteousness with which they should have returned.

For this reason Mawlana Yusuf insisted on me that a booklet with Ahadith and explanation on Hajj should be compiled to be put before the Ummah so that intending Hajis should set forth for Hajj prepared with the proper enthusiasm for those special spiritual inspirations as are required by them. It is hoped that when the proper condition for Hajj is created within the heart of the Haji, he shall have the desire to carry out the functions of the Deen more diligently.”