Ta’nib al-Khatib of ‘Allamah Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari

Attached is the brilliant rebuttal of ‘Allamah Muhammad Zahid Kawthari to the section of Imam Khatib Baghdadi’s Tarikh Baghdad on Imam Abu Hanifah in which Khatib Baghdadi mentions a number of false reports in dispraise of the great Imam Abu Hanifah in a manner that suggested that he agreed with them.

Although the book is primarily a rebuttal, it contains many historical and hadith-based points of interest. It is a must-read for any student of the Hanafi school and for the student of history and hadith in general.

The great researcher, ‘Allamah ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Yahya al-Mu’allimi wrote a two-volume response to ‘Allamah Kawthari’s Ta’nib entitled the Tankil. This edition of the Ta’nib includes Kawthari’s brief response to Mu’allimi’s Tankil at the end of the book, entitled al-Tarhib.

Ta’nib al-Khatib ‘ala ma Saqahu fi Tarjumat Abi Hanifah min al-Akadhib

5 thoughts on “Ta’nib al-Khatib of ‘Allamah Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari

  1. How can you post a work by Zahid Kawthari when he had a trimmed beard? Isn’t this, according to Hanafee ulema, makruh e tahreeme?

  2. Assalamu alaikum

    About the Ta’nib and Tankil, Dr GF Haddad mentioned the following here:


    Ta’nib al-Khatib ‘ala Ma Saqahu fi Tarjimati Abi Hanifata Min al-Akadhib (“Rebuking al-Khatib for Citing Lies in His Biography of Abu Hanifa”) to which the “Salafi” scholar ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Yahya al-Mu‘allimi al-Yamani (1313-1386) responded with his two-volume al-Tankil Lima Warada fi Ta’nib al-Kawthari min al-Abatil (“Repelling the Falsehoods Cited in al-Kawthari’s Ta’nib”). The Tankil contains a wicked attack on the early Hanafi school engulfing Ash‘aris and giving free vent to the author’s anti-madhhabi and anthropomorphist views, to the point that he states: “To negate [from Allah] the corporeality that is necessarily forbidden some said: ‘Allah has a body unlike bodies.’” Al-Kawthari countered with al-Tarhib bi Naqd al-Ta’nib in which he revealed that the publication of al-Mu‘allimi’s critique was financed by Muhammad Nasif, the same wealthy Jeddah patron who had financed the printing of al-Qari’s hapless fatwa that the parents of the Prophet e were in hellfire, the dissemination in India of the derogatory part of al-Khatib’s biography of Imam Abu Hanifa with an Urdu translation, and the publication of the anthropomorphist Kitab al-Sunna attributed to ‘Abd Allah ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal, concerning which book Shaykh Shu‘ayb al-Arna’ut said that “at least 50 percent of the hadiths in it are weak or outright forgeries.” Al-Kawthari also revealed that al-Mu‘allimi’s editor, Muhammad ‘Abd al-Razzaq Hamza, collaborated on the publication of ‘Uthman ibn Sa‘id al-Darimi’s Naqd al-Jahmiyya, which contains similar Israelite reports, anthropomorphist forgeries and other enormities.

    Note also, that the well known Hanafi Muhaddith of Damascus, Dr Nurud-Din Itr said to GF Haddad:

    “Which of the Tankils do you mean? For several hands
    mixed their stamp to that of al-Mu‘allimi.” I was also told by Wa’il al-Hanbali in Damascus that ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Nasir al-Albani told him that the reason al-Albani fell out with Zuhayr al-Shawish was over the royalties from the publication of the
    Tankil which contained the (uncredited) alterations and additions of al-Albani.” (see the footnote to GF Haddad’s, Albani and His Friends (p. 160).



  3. i could not download the book alaqida wa ilm kalam what could be the problem .please guide me on how bwcause i’m desperate 4 or direct me on how ican buy the book.

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