Manzumah Miftah al-Tafsir by ‘Allamah ‘Abdullah Dan Fodi al-Maghribi

Attached is a manzumah on the principles of exegesis written by ‘Allamah ‘Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Uthman dan Fodi al-Maghribi. The following link provides a series of lectures by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Shahri on the nazm as well.

Both the link and pdf of the book come courtesy of our dear friend, Shaykh Murabit Benavidez. May Allah elongate his life and bless his efforts.

متن منظومة مفتاح التفسير لابن فودي

Ma’ariful Qur’an in an Easy-to-Navigate Online Format

asSalaamu Alaikum,

Ma’ariful Qur’an is the acclaimed Tafseer written by Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani (ra).

Many of you may already be familiar with the online scans of this Tafseer (English version & original Urdu). The latter website also has partial audio recordings of Ma’ariful Qur’an in English and the complete audio recording in Urdu.

For English readers, Ma’ariful Qur’an is also available at the following site in a format that is much easier to navigate and read, with a scroll-down option on the left:

Ma’āriful Qur’an – easy to navigate format

Another upload of Ma’āriful Qur’an (although incomplete) in html format: Ma’āriful Qur’an html

Book Review & PDF: “Faith Versus Materialism” by Mawlana Abu ‘l-Hasan ‘Ali Nadwi

PDF version, published by Academy of Islamic Research & Publications, Lucknow (India). Translation by Mohiuddin Ahmad.


This book is a translation of the Arabic book As Sar’a bain al – Iman wal Maddiyah, which was later rendered in the Urdu Language and finally into English. Although not a commentary per se of Suratul Kahf of the Noble Quran, it is a profound exposition and exegesis of the message of the Surah.

The book attempts to explain two concepts diametrically opposed to each other: one is materialism denoting the primary and objective existence of the external material world; and the other asserts the existence of realities which lay beyond the range of human perceptions, for example, the existence of [good].

The book further explains the meaning and the purpose of Faith and warns against the denial of God and His authority. Four chapters in this book form the central theme, viz.

1. The story of the Companions of the Cave.

2. Parable of the owner of two gardens.

3. The story of Prophet Moses [AS] and Khider [AS]

4. The story of Zul Qarnain

Name of Book: Faith Versus Materialism

Author: Moulana S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi [RA]

Publisher: Academy of Islamic Research and Publications

Translator: Mohiuddin Ahmad

Edition: 1976

Number of Pages: 109

Book review courtesy of

Downloadable Books by Mawlana Ubaydullah al-Sindi

Sent to us by email:

Assalam o ‘alaykum,

I have came across five books of Mawlana Ubaydullah Sindhi. For those
interested can download those at the links given below.

1. Quran ka Muqadammah –

2. Qur’an ka Mutalia kaisay kia jaye  –

3. Qur’ani Shaur Inqilab  –

4. Shah Waliullah awr un ka Falsafah –

5. Shah Waliullah awr un ki Siyasi Tahrik –

It should be kept in mind that those books that were not written by
Mawlana Sindhi himself but were compiled by his students, etc. have
many inaccuracies and attribution of those things to Mawlana Sindhi is
not appropriate. For more see “Mawlana ‘Ubaydullah Sindhi kay Ulum wa
Afkar” by Mawlana Sufi ‘Abd al-Hamid Khan Sawati and “Mawlana Sindhi
awr un kay Naqidin” by Mawlana Sa’id Ahmad Akbarabadi.