Al-Insaf fi Bayan Asbab al-Ikhtilfaf by Shah Wali Allah al-Dihlawi

“Al-Insaf is a modest tribute to Shah Waliullah’s scientific investigation of the historical factors and other circumstances, which led to the development of Islamic Jurisprudence and the subsequent emergence of its different schools of thought. Al-Insaf’s significance to Islamic Jurisprudence does not deserve recognition merely because it is written by a scholar of repute like Shah Wali Allah. Rather, its author’s fair analysis coupled with reasoned judgement, objective criticism and examination of differences among different madhahib also need to be seen in the wider context of his overall scheme of reforming the Ummah by tracing its original root.”

Al-Insaf fi Bayan Asbab al-Ikhtilaf

al-Hawi li ‘l-Fatawi li ‘l-Imam al-Suyuti

A book of fatawa by Imam Suyuti rahimahullah with many controversial and still relevant issues like mawlid, loud group dhikr, the hadra and the tasbih, to name a few, and much more; on almost each (still) controversial (in the sense of the debates between Salafis and Sufis to put it simply) topic one can think of he has a fatwa. Download here: al-Hawi li’l-Fatawi as-Suyuti (410 pp.) The quality of the copy/print is rather poor though but it is still beneficial.