Dirasat fi Usul al-Hadith ‘ala Manhaj al-Hanafiyyah

One of the best works on Hanafi usul that has come out in a while, this book was written by a friend who graduated from the Hadith specialization course in Karachi supervised by my dear ustadh and shaykh, Mawlana ‘Abd al-Halim al-Nu’mani (may Allah elongate his life).

The book outlines the principles of hadith study explicated by the jurists of the Hanafi school and highlights the importance of understanding where the hadith transmitters (muhaddithun) diverged from the jurists (fuqaha’), and in particular the Hanafi jurists, in the principles of derivation of law from hadith.

It also examines the position of the early scholars of usul in the madhhab and which specific principles can be traced to each. An essential reading for any serious student of the madhhab, it is especially important because the chapter on Sunnah in books of usul al-fiqh is so often neglected.

Dirasat fi Usul al-Hadith ‘ala Manhaj al-Hanafiyyah

25 thoughts on “Dirasat fi Usul al-Hadith ‘ala Manhaj al-Hanafiyyah

  1. Wonderful and unique book. Although I am of the Shafi’i madhab non the less I would most Suredly want to have the printed format.

    Any idea where one could perhaps purchase this title?

    I know the it says printed by: Min Manshurat Madrasat al-Nu’man.

    Barakallahu feek for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  2. It is available in Karachi.
    I also saw a few copies at Maktabah aI-Imdad al-Ilmi in Aziziyyah, Makkah.

    I was told that a second revised edition is expected out very soon. Mawlana Bilal would have more information about that.

  3. It has now been published by Dar Ibn Kathir. Neel wa Furat has it. I’m sure other places will soon as well. I am not sure whether it is the revised edition which Mufti Husain referred to above.

    • I received the Dar Ibn Kathir version (ISBN 9786144150443). The inside title page has الطبعة الأولى 2012/1433 (as opposed to the earlier edition which has الطبعة الأولى 2009/1430). The الإهداء is slightly different (not sure why that would have changed…). From pages ب to ث it has a new تقدمة الطبعة الثانية, after which comes the same introduction of Dr. Al-Nu’mani that is in the Karachi ed. I took photos of the new intro for those interested in the changes between editions: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ylfcxbxorbb11gj/_zS74Pdwgu

      • Jzk for taking the time to upload this. It was very informative. I’m assuming that regardless of the quality of the binding that the changes in the second edition make it a worthwhile purchase. Where did you purchase your copy?

    • I do have to say, this Dar Ibn Kathir edition is pretty poorly bound (unlike every other edition of theirs which I have). I can see the binding strip separating from the glued (and sewn, I hope) paper folios. It could just be my copy is faulty or was damaged.

  4. Wa iyyak shaykh. Yes, it is definitely worth it, and insha Allah it is only my copy with that quality of binding, as Dar Ibn Kathir is usually very good quality.

    I purchased it from Neel wa Furat.

  5. Just received the Dar Ibn Kathir edition, ordered from Neel wa Furat. My binding though seems good.

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