Nukhab al-Afkar fi Tanqih Mabani al-Akhbar fi Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar by Imam Badr al-Din al-‘Ayni

Mawlana Badrul Islam kindly shared with us the following:

Al-hamdu lillah, the 19-volume Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs (Qatar) edition of this monumental work of Imam Badr al-Din al-‘Ayni al-Hanafi is available to download here:

A review:

There is also a similar edition (in 19 vols.) published by Dar al-Nawadir (Kuwait).

Recently Dar al-Minhaj (Jeddah) has published a new edition in 21 vols, which shows the name of the muhaqqiq as Shaykh Mawlana Sayyid Arshad Madani saheb of DU Deoband.

16 thoughts on “Nukhab al-Afkar fi Tanqih Mabani al-Akhbar fi Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar by Imam Badr al-Din al-‘Ayni

  1. I have both versions and I must say the Qatar edition contains numerous typos and missing portions from certain chapters.The darul Minhaj edition is missing the final 2 volumes.Maulana Arshad Sahib had given the complete CD but for some reason they conveniently forgot to publish the last 2 volumes.The darul minhaj edition is better because the typos are not there and because both publishing houses relied on the same manuscripts the darul minhaj version is also missing some portions,however Maulana Arshad Sahib channels Allama Aini and does the sharh himself and mentions it in the margin.

  2. Apparently, the missing two volumes of the Dar al-Minhaj edition have now been published and are being made available free of charge to anyone who had purchased the other 21 volumes. This means that the complete book will be in 23 volumes, compared with the 19 volumes of the Dar al-Nawadir (Qatar) edition. I hope that when Dar al-Minhaj publish the second edition, this whole mess will be sorted properly.

  3. Salam,

    what is the book about?
    is it the evidence for the hanafi madhab or something else?

    hopefully you can explain something about this book, and the importance of the author in the hanafi madhab

    • The book is the great jurist and traditionist, ‘Allamah Badr al-Din al-‘Ayni’s commentary on Imam Tahawi’s large legal hadith work, Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar. This is his largest commentary on the book and it indeed contains a huge collection of hadith arguments and proof for the Hanafi position on legal issues.

  4. Mawlana Bilal saheb,

    Yes. I had the 19-vol Dar al-Nawadir edition purchased for me from Jeddah by my brother last year. This was not the edition I wanted, but sadly was given to my brother by the bookseller. Insha’Allah, I am hoping to purchase the now 23-vol Dar al-Minhaj (Riyadh) edition when they one day publish a revised 2nd edition. This probably will take a few years or more.
    The book (Nukhab al-Afkar) is actually an abridgement by the author, Imam Badr al-Din al-‘Ayni, of his commentary of Imam Tahawi’s monumental Sharh Ma’ani ‘l-Athar (Mabani ‘l-Akhbar). He also authored a separate work, which is an exhaustive introduction to this work, but, unfortunately, has not been included in either of the current editions.

    The matn, Sharh Ma’ani ‘l-Athar, is an amazing book and I consider Imam Abu Ja’far Tahawi to be one of the greatest geniuses ever born in the human race. Imam Ayni’s vast commentary multiplies this beauty manifold. I have greatly benefited from this superb work. May Allah ta’ala fill their graves with nur and grant them the highest ranks in Jannah.

    • Assalamu alaykum shaykh,

      Would you happen to know the name of Al-Allamah al-Ayni’s introduction to this work? And whether it is published?

      Jazakum Allahu khayra
      Imran Ahmed

  5. Salaam, The Nukhab Al Afkaar is actually a 23 volume book so is there a reason some places are only selling 21 volume version. I’m talking about the Dar Al Minhaj print.

  6. If you scroll up and read the messages, you should find the answer to why some shops may be selling 21 volumes of the Dar al-Minhaj edition of the book, which currently is in 23 volumes. ‘Nukhab al-Afkar’, in 23 volumes, is really Imam ‘Ayni’s revision (and perhaps slight abridgement) of his original work entitled ‘Mabani ‘l-Akhbar fi Sharhi Ma’ani ‘l-Athar’. He authored a separate work, ‘Maghani ‘l-Akhyar fi Rijali Ma’ani ‘l-Athar’, in which he scrutinised all the narrators/transmitters mentioned in the ahadith and athar of the matn – Imam Tahawi’s ‘Sharh Ma’ani ‘l-Athar’. Imam ‘Ayni included scrutiny of narrators in ‘Nukhab al-Afkar’. With regard to the absence of an introduction, perhaps Mawlana Husain may be able to shed some light (?).

  7. I think ‘Maghani ‘l-Akhyar fi Rijali Ma’ani ‘l-Athar’ is seen by some as the introduction to ‘Mabani ‘l-Akhbar fi Sharhi Ma’ani ‘l-Athar’.

  8. As-salam

    Has anyone found the dar al-minhaj version of this kitab in its entirety? if so please reply back to me. I found one 23 vol. But the website seems inactive inshallah I’ll continue to work on finding it.


    May Allah give an understanding of his deen Ameen.

  9. Wa ‘alaykumussalam,

    I compared both editions a few months ago and made some mental notes (comments), which I was hoping at the time to share online. Alas! I have not been able to find the time to do this and have now forgotten some of my observations (which I had not written down).

    My suggestion for now would be:

    If you do not have either edition and wish to own one, go for the 23-volume Dar al-Minhaj edition. It is far from perfect, in my view, as it can do with further improvement, but is, nevertheless, overall better than the Nawadir/Qatar Govt. edition.

    If you already have either edition, wait for a revised edition of the Minhaj version to (one day) be published. My guess is this is one of the books that Minhaj merely printed and did literally no more than that. Everything was done in Deoband (India), including typeset, and then passed on to Minhaj, who passed it on to their printing team. As much as the Minhaj edition criticises the Nawadir edition (which is all true), their own edition is not free from shortcomings. I eagerly await a proper high quality muhaqqaq edition of this masterpiece.

    • Jazakallah for your comparison it’s of great help. Inshallah the one day will be soon (inshallah) it truly is a masterpiece.

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