Usul al-Ifta’ wa Adabuhu by Mufti Muhammad Taqi al-‘Uthmani

On a blessed day, I was blessed with a wonderful gift from Mawlana Muhammad Chothia. This book was used for many years by ifta’ students at Dar al-‘Ulum Karachi in handwritten form. Basically a collection of lecture notes from Hadrat’s past lectures on the principles of ifta’, the notes were finally reviewed, edited, and approved for publication by Shaykhuna Mufti Muhammad Taqi Sahib himself. A friend and colleague, Mufti Shakir Jakura, worked with Hadrat on the project. This is an essential and fluid read for every student of ifta’.

Usul al-Ifta’ wa Adabuhu 

12 thoughts on “Usul al-Ifta’ wa Adabuhu by Mufti Muhammad Taqi al-‘Uthmani

    • Jzk. I meant to write Shakir. They were both at Dar al-‘Ulum when I was there. I used to switch their names accidentally even then. Do you know the brothers, Mufti Sahib? Do you know Mawlana Bilal as well?

      • I have got a bit of salam du’aa with Mufti Shakir Sahib.

        Originally from South Africa, he studied later part of his Dars e Nizami curriculum from the renowned Isalmic institution, Darul Uloom Karachi. Currently, he is a secretary of Hazrat Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahib and a Khalifah of our Shaikh, Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib.

        This was for those who didn’t knew him..

  1. The original set of notes was compiled by his students. Later, he reviewed, edited, and added/subtracted from the notes, which produced this work.

    In response to Zaahir Bhai, I don’t think Ml. Muhammad Chothia that I am speaking of is in Leicester. He is from Trinidad I believe. His brother is a dear friend who lives in Toronto, Mawlana Ahmed Chothia.

  2. We started a reading of this book at Darul Qasim this week. It thus came to my attention that the pdf provided in this post has some missing pages. FYI.

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