Resources for Students of al-Siraji fi ‘l-Mirath

The following are two works based on the famous Hanafi treatise on inheritance law, Sajawandi’s al-Siraji fi ‘l-Mirath (known also as al-Fara’id al-Sirajiyyah, al-Fara’id al-Sajawandiyyah, and just al-Siraji).

The first is a marginal gloss on the book and said by many to the most superior gloss, al-Sharifiyyah.


The second is a poetic rendition of Siraji with notes:

شرح خلاصه الفرائض نظم متن السراجيه

3 thoughts on “Resources for Students of al-Siraji fi ‘l-Mirath

  1. Jazakum Allahu khayra for the beneficial post!

    Here are two different editions of Al-Sharifiyyah: and (found at as well as what looks to be a different scan of the same edition posted here: (may be useful if one or the other has some unclear parts).

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