Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon Online

Many people can’t afford Lane’s massive Arabic-English lexicon, which is considered the most comprehensive Arabic-English dictionary available. Although Lane died before completing the book and therefore the sections completed by his nephew are not on par with the rest of the book, the Lexicon is considered a must for all serious translators of Arabic texts.

Given the size of the lexicon (8 volumes in one edition and two massive volumes in the other), it is also hard to access at times. Having an online version of the dictionary, therefore, is very useful.

Below are links to pdf and dvlu files of the book as well as a site that allows for easy browsing of the book online.



Online Browsing (Tyndale Archive)

7 thoughts on “Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon Online

  1. Assalamu `alaikum

    p>The Distributed Proofreaders (Europe) project has restarted the proofreading process of the Edward William Lane’s Arabic-English lexicon.

    The DP project gathers book enthusiasts from around the globe, and gives them a nice and intuitive web interface for proofreading (i.e. converting to plain text) out-of-copyright books. Up until now, 700+ books were posted to Project Gutenberg from DP.

    The second round of proofreading the Lane’s lexicon is going rather slowly, because of lack of proofreaders. Unfortunately, potential proofreaders are usually discouraged by the requirement that they proofread 50 pages from easier first round projects, before being allowed to proofread a second round project, such as the Lane’s lexicon.

    If you have spare time, please consider contributing to the project.

    DP forum thread dedicated to the project:
    Proofreading page (requires registration and proofreading of at least 50 pages from first round projects):

  2. Assalam alaykum,

    I’m have developed an alternative interface to both Lane’s Lexicon as well as Hans Wehr and al Mawrid, with the aim of reaching the desired page as fast as possible on both desktop as well as smartphone browsers.

    I’m currently developing a new custom interface that will allow jumping straight to the desired page by entering the root letters. It should also cater for both desktop and smartphone browsers within the same page. To see the work in progress versions, follow these links:

    Smartphone versions:

    Old version:

    I’ll be looking into adding Lisan as Arab to this soon as well insha Allah.

    wa salam,

  3. I bought a copy of lanes lexicon in the UK published by KITAB BHAVAN printers. The 2 volume set cost me £60. they sell it in india for 4000 rupees.

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