Mukhtasar al-Wiqayah: Matn Fath Bab al-‘Inayah

For students of Hanafi fiqh, they will find this famous matn (text), including by some amongst the mutun mu’tabarah, very useful. It is from the Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah edition of Mulla ‘Ali al-Qari’s Fath Bab al-‘Inayah, at the end of which the matn is included separately. The text, called Mukhtasar al-Wiqayah and also al-Nuqayah is an abridgment of Sharh al-Wiqayah, which is in a sense an abridgment of al-Hidayah.

Fath Bab al-Inayah

12 thoughts on “Mukhtasar al-Wiqayah: Matn Fath Bab al-‘Inayah

      • Without having compared it to the other editions, I can’t give a full comparitive analysis.

        However, at first glance, here is what I noticed:

        1. Nothing original was added to this edition from the Dar al-Arqam edition.

        2. The matn is not provided at the top of the page and the commentary below. Everything is jumbled together.

        3. The font is bigger than the Arqam edition, making it slightly easier to read but allows for less material on each page.

        4. It’s DKI. What can we expect? More than likely it’s just a retyped version loaded with typos. Haven’t checked yet though.

        Fath Bab al-Inayah deserves a lot of the scholars’ attention. No edition I have come across yet has a full takhrij and the Dar al-Arqam edition unfortunately, in an effort to remove unnecessary notes, removed very beneficial commentary by Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah from his edition of Kitab al-Taharah.

        I am aware of two students who were working on a full takhrij of the book including the mawquf narrations in Karachi. They did it as part of the takhassus program in Hadith under Mawlana Nu’mani. I know it wasn’t published and fear it never will.


        Note: This email was sent from a cell phone.

  1. Wa’alaykum as-salam

    If I tell you guys the story behind this edition, you would probably return it to be store you bought it from.

    So, should I go ahead?

    Ml.Bilal, you mentioned:”and the Dar al-Arqam edition unfortunately, in an effort to remove unnecessary notes, removed very beneficial commentary by Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah from his edition of Kitab al-Taharah.”

    Did the Muhaqqiqs mention this as the reason for not including all of Sh. Abd al-Fattah’s footnotes?
    I would assume that they would have no permission to include all his footnotes, due to his copyright. His son Salman holds the rights to his fathers works and very quickly takes offense to even the slightest plagiarism or “piracy”.

  2. Assalamu ‘alaykum,

    Please do share, Mufti Husain.

    I assumed that the muhaqqiqs did not include much of the footnotes due to brevity more than copyright issues, because they do include some of the notes and quote Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattah when they do.

    I guess I didn’t expect that they would have included everything due to copyright issues or consistency, only some of the necessary clarifications and references. There are certain parts of the book that really could have used Shaykh’s notes, if even infrequently.

    The DKI edition was purchased by one of the students where I teach. Unfortunately, he was sent the wrong edition although assured otherwise by the bookstore.

    Do you think Shaykh Salman would have had issues if the muhaqqiqs mentioned the reference for their quotations?


  3. Salam

    I saw a Sharh al-Nuqayah listed as a forthcoming publication from Maktaba al-Bushra of Pakistan. Is this the perhaps the edition you are referring to?

    I guess with Dr Salah Abul Hajj’s work done on the Sharh al-Wiqayah and the recent publication of the Umdah al-Riayah we have some kind of additional notes on the Nuqayah.

    That being said the referencing of the hadith in the Dar al-Arqam edition was a major disappointment, not least when nowadays the works which aim to present the evidences of the madhab need solid referencing. That edition has been around for a almost 10 years (if not more) and I would have thought it might have received a stronger tahqiq.


  4. assalamualaykum,

    the pdf link provided at the top of the page is the third volume (containing the nuqayah matn). Is there a downloadable pdf for the first two volumes?


    • Unfortunately, we only had the time to upload this much of the book. To upload the entire three-volume book requires more time than we have at the moment. We will keep our eyes open, however, for versions online.

  5. Salam, I think what Mufti Hussain wanted to fill us in was that the Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyyah edition doesn’t have Kitab as-Sawm in it. Sorry to break it to everyone.
    Out of curiosity, where can I buy the Dar al-Arqam edition?

  6. If I remember correctly the scholars who did the tahqeeq were students of shaikh abdul-fattah.

    Shaikh abdul-fattah’s tahqeeq of kitab al-taharah has been printed twice by maktab al-matbuaat al-islamiyyah. It is a type-writer print (but it’s clear).

    The Dar al-Arqam edition is ok. It has some good notes.

    Both editions (dar al-arqam and shaikh abdul-fattahs tahqeeq of kitab al-taharah) are usually available in makkah and madinah during the hajj period (maktabah al-asadi, aziziyyah and maktabah makkiyyah).

    the dar al-arqam edition can be downloaded here (.doc format): . The downloaded file says sharh al-wiqayah but i compared the text to the printed book and its definitely fathu bab al-inayah.

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