Arabic Tutor (Full) – Tashil al-Adab fi Lisan al-‘Arab: Download

Assalamu ‘alaykum,

In this post, we have included a link to each of the four volumes of the extremely beneficial Arabic grammar/composition book “Arabic Tutor” which is a translation of the Urdu “Arabi Ka Mu’allim”. In Arabic, the book was entitled “Tashil al-Adab fi Lisan al-‘Arab”.

Arabic Tutor Volume 1
Arabic Tutor Volume 2
Arabic Tutor Volume 3
Arabic Tutor Volume 4

Below we have included the full introduction that was published with the text.


From the multitudes of letters which this humble writer has received from every corner of India, there still seems to be a fervent desire in this age to learn Arabic and to understand the final message of Allāh , namely the Qur’ān. However, no primary syllabus that conformed to the times was presented to the seekers of Arabic – such a syllabus that could increase the enthusiasm of the learners.

The ancient method of teaching Arabic and its syllabus from the very outset made one lose courage. Even the modern books have been deficient in creating an urge in the student.

Experience shows that only a syllabus which has easy rules coupled with teaching the language can increase the enthusiasm of the student. The rules must assist the learner in mastering the language. While learning the language, the rules are refreshed.

In reality, choosing such lessons and providing a sequence for them is no ordinary task. This is merely the grace of the Almighty Allāh  who made this writer accomplish such an enormous task.

“That is the grace of Allāh. He grants it to whoever He desires.”

All thanks are due to Allāh  that this book was found to be extremely beneficial wherever it was read or taught. Many seekers of Arabic have written that they had lost hope after several attempts. If they had not obtained this book, they would not have learnt Arabic.

This is the fourth edition of this book. Initially, this book was written in two parts. Now it has been divided into four parts so that it can serve as a proper syllabus for high schools from the fourth class till matric. This is the first part of the book. The lessons have been decreased when compared to the previous editions.

However, the exercises have been increased to an extent that they can serve the place of an Arabic reader. This part contains only fifteen lessons. But you will be surprised to note how much Arabic is taught with such afew lessons. The method of analysing sentences and recognition has been so well explained, that one cannot achieve this by learning several other prevalent Arabic Grammar books. The key to each part has also been published. Due to this, many learners have learnt Arabic on their own.

A student doing self-study can complete this part in about six weeks. However, due to the presence of several other subjects in high schools, it will be appropriate to make it a one year course in the fourth class. In Arabic seminaries and Dārul Úlūms, where only Arabic is taught, all four parts of this book can be easily taught in one year.

Nevertheless, this book is such that every text book committee and those in charge of the syllabi in the madrasahs should include it in their syllabus in order to remove the difficulties of the students. They will be rewarded by Allāh and thanked by the people.

The summary of the opinions of the Ulamā of every province of India and the reviews of magazines and newspapers is that this has been the most successful attempt to simplify Arabic. This book is worth being introduced in government and non-govermental schools so that the teaching of Arabic can be simplified.

This humble servant is grateful to all those who rendered beneficial opinions. May Allāh  reward them with the best of rewards. The following pages contain the valuable opinions of some scholars. This should serve as a means of encouraging the seekers of Arabic. Others will not have to waste their time in looking for the merits of this book.

The servant of the students

(Moulānā) Àbdus Sattār Khān
Bindi Bazaar, Bombay, India
Muharram 1361 A.H.

19 thoughts on “Arabic Tutor (Full) – Tashil al-Adab fi Lisan al-‘Arab: Download

    • Assalamu ‘alaykum,

      The link is working for me. Try it again. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll repost the link, in sha Allah.

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    JazakAllah khair for this information. InshaAllah I plan to study this during Ramadhaan, in just over a week and you have helped me greatly in being able to achieve this ambition. InshaAllah you will be remembered in my du’aas.


  2. Thank you for a very good book. is there a key to the excercises available ?
    Jazak Allah Khairun.


  3. I need an answer guide to book 1!!!!! Please help I am desperate its frustrating when you have to keep annoying your neighbors to check your answers. Mostly I need “An Arabic Letter” translation page 195


    • Dear sister,

      I am not aware of any key or answer guide to the book. I am not sure if any has been published.

    • Below is a beginner’s attempt at translating the letter. You’re fortunate that there a lots of very clever people here on at-Tahawi who will, in sha’a Llah, correct my mistakes: I’m afraid it’s the best I can do at this infant stage in my ‘studies’!

      “Me, I sent, today, a letter to my little brother and I wrote in it:

      O respected brother!

      Peace be upon you [plural] and the mercy of Allah and His blessings!

      You [plural], all of you, will be happy, very happily [happy], to know that I, I have read, and my friends, the first part from the book of ‘the simplication of the literature’ [i.e. Tashil al-Adab / Arabic Tutor] in a little time and, now, we understand a little from the language of the Arabs. And for that [purpose] I write, today, a letter in Arabic and we will begin, if Allah most high wills, after two days, the second part from this book.

      O my brother why do you not read this book? For indeed it is very easy, [and it is] not difficult like the ?popular books in the old Arabic seminaries. We, we read it and we found it easy. And you, you will know when you begin this book that Arabic is not difficult, like the students [of sacred knowledge] think it [to be].

      I seek, from Allah most high, the wellness and beneficial knowledge and good action for me and for you [plural] and for all the Muslims. ?Amin and peace.

      The seeker of your goodness,


      How;s that?

  4. Assalamu Alaikkum

    Are there any copyrights on this translations? If yes do you know where to buy the originals?

    Jazakallahu Khaira

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