Downloadable Books by Mawlana Ubaydullah al-Sindi

Sent to us by email:

Assalam o ‘alaykum,

I have came across five books of Mawlana Ubaydullah Sindhi. For those
interested can download those at the links given below.

1. Quran ka Muqadammah –

2. Qur’an ka Mutalia kaisay kia jaye  –

3. Qur’ani Shaur Inqilab  –

4. Shah Waliullah awr un ka Falsafah –

5. Shah Waliullah awr un ki Siyasi Tahrik –

It should be kept in mind that those books that were not written by
Mawlana Sindhi himself but were compiled by his students, etc. have
many inaccuracies and attribution of those things to Mawlana Sindhi is
not appropriate. For more see “Mawlana ‘Ubaydullah Sindhi kay Ulum wa
Afkar” by Mawlana Sufi ‘Abd al-Hamid Khan Sawati and “Mawlana Sindhi
awr un kay Naqidin” by Mawlana Sa’id Ahmad Akbarabadi.

4 thoughts on “Downloadable Books by Mawlana Ubaydullah al-Sindi

  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    Jazakallahu Khairan for the books.

    In which program will the book:
    “Shah Waliullah awr un ki Siyasi Tahrik” open?


  2. thanks alot sir for sharing these worthy books..infact you are right but whatever the students of hazrat sindhi wrote in form of books the students especially allama ghulam mustafa qasmi and shikh basheer ahmed ludhyaniwi had got permission from hazrat sindhi and so their is nothing to worry about his afkkaar.for readers if they r intested to learn more aabout afkaar of hazrat sindhi so they plz contact hazrat shah saeed ahmed raepuri and mufti abdul khaliq azad through

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