Al-Hidayah fi ‘l-Nahw

We mentioned the revised form of Hidayat al-Nahw in a previous post. Here we decided to provide the .doc form of this revised edition, entitled Al-Hidayah fi ‘l-Nahw.

اَلْـهِـدَايَـةِ فِـي الـنَّـحْوِ

[At the request of a reader, we are posting a .pdf form of the book below]

اَلْـهِـدَايَـةِ فِـي الـنَّـحْوِ

5 thoughts on “Al-Hidayah fi ‘l-Nahw

  1. A good basic book covering most but not all the subtelties of Nahw – the many different types of La, Ma etc and many other topics are not in detail here. There are dozens of high class Nahw books in the market now. At the very highest level is the Sharah of Alfia bin Malik, all in flow charts, covering almost 90% of grammar of the Quraan and Fusaha Arabic. Wassalam. Syed Nasim

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