al-Anwar al-Qudsiyyah fi Ma’rifat Qawa’id al-Sufiyyah by Imam Sha’rani

Assalamu ‘alaykum,

At the request of a friend, here is Imam ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Sha’rani’s famous book on the principles of tazkiyah and tasawwuf, entitled al-Anwar al-Qudsiyyah fi Ma’rifat Qawa’id al-Sufiyyah.

The book is in Arabic. I was asked if a translation in English exists. I am not aware of any, but if anyone has information on a translation, please share it with us.

al-Anwar al-Qudsiyyah


9 thoughts on “al-Anwar al-Qudsiyyah fi Ma’rifat Qawa’id al-Sufiyyah by Imam Sha’rani

  1. As-salamu `alaykum,

    Jazakumullahu khairan for the link. Is this the same as the one that Shaykh ul Islam Maulana Zafar Ahmad `Uthmani translated and commented on, and then published as “Adaab-Bandagi”?

    Also, Hadrat Maulana Bilal sahib, you once mentioned a long time ago (on at Talib) that you were publishing a short treatise about the “Reality of Tasawwuf.” Is there any update on that as yet?

    • Bismihi Ta’ala,

      Adaab-e-Bandagi is Allamah Zafar Ahmad Uthmani’s (ra) translation of Allamah Sh’arani’s (ra) al-Anwar al-Qudsiyyah: fi Bayan Adaab al-‘Ubudiyyah. Al-Anwar al-Qudsiyyah: fi Ma’rifat Qawa’id al-Sufiyyah mentioned above is a seperate book by Allamah Sh’arani (ra). I have included a link to the former below.


    • I still have it but haven’t been able to find a publisher yet. If I find an opportunity, I may just publish it online. Its actually a very short work, so it may not be worth printing.

  2. In fact I was presented with the copy of Imam al-Sha’rani’s book al-Anwar al-qudsiyyah fi ma’rifat al-adab al-sufiyyah by my late spiritual guide Akhunzadeh Saifur Rahman al-Alachi al-Afghani when I was studying in Peshawar in the late 80s. He told me to read it and follow it. What I did was, out of respect for my shaikh, I quickly parceled it to my late father for his own reading, as I did not want to spend time reading books rather than seeking sabaq (lesson) from the shaikh directly. But fate played its role in a strange manner that when I reached Singapore my late father handed me a copy of Imam al-Sha’rani’s Kitab al-Mizan al-Kubra which he kept in his selected reference works and instructed me to do a doctoral research on the book. Accordingly I did my completed my doctoral research on “A Study on al-Sha’rani Mizan al-Kubra” at the University of Edinburgh in 1995. Since then I have been collecting sha’rani works and I am currently working on his “Lawaqih al-Anwar al-qudsiyyah fi al-‘Uhud al-Muhammadiyyah” under the title Muhammadan Covenant. Some part of which are available in my blog:

    • What happened to the book you sent to your father? It’s been almost 5 years since your last comment, have you managed to translate it into English yet?

  3. Salam
    Please someone give me al-anwar al-qudsiyyah in urdu translation . Please upload this book in urdu .

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