Tasheel al-Nahw: Revised English Translation of ‘Ilm al-Nahw for Free Download

Mawlana ‘Aamir Bashir was kind enough to provide his new translation of the book Tasheel al-Nahw for free download.Although he didn’t ask for it, it is befitting that we keep such sincere scholars who write and distribute knowledge for free in our du’as.

Below I have included the introduction from the book:

Introduction to the Text & Translation

This book is a revised edition of Tasheel al-Nahw, which in turn is a somewhat expanded translation of the Urdu language primer of Arabic grammar, ‘Ilm al-Nahw by Mawlana Mushtaq Ahmad Charthawali. Mawlana Charthawali’s primers for Nahw (Arabic grammar) and Sarf (Arabic Morphology) are standard textbooks in Western madrasahs. The original English translation of ‘Ilm al-Nahw was prepared by scholars from Madrasah Islamiyyah, Benoni, South Africa. They put in a lot of hardwork and made the English translation much more beneficial than the Urdu original. May Allah reward them. At least two versions of this translation are available online. The first one had many errors and typing issues. The newer version has made some improvements but issues remain, especially with regards to language and clarity of the English and Arabic texts. We decided to bring out a revised edition of this translation to address these issues. During the course of our revision and editing, we consulted various grammar works including al-Nahw al-Wadih, Sharh ibn ‘Aqeel, Mu‘jam al-Qawa‘id al-‘Arabiyyah, and A Simplified Arabic Grammar of Mawlana Hasan Dockrat. We have completely revised some sections, as well as a number of definitions. The organization has been changed in a way that we feel will make it easier for the student to understand how each section fits in the
overall picture.

This is a beginner-to-intermediate level text; therefore, we have not transliterated Arabic words exactly, keeping in mind that most people at this stage will not be comfortable with Arabic transliteration schemes. Rather, we have used approximate equivalents that are easier to read for the untrained. Nevertheless, non-English words have been italicized. As for duals and plurals of Arabic words, we have not used the original Arabic duals and plurals; rather, their plurals have been created the English way by adding an ‘s’ to the singular.

Thus, two dammahs is used instead of dammahtain. The word still remains italicized so as to reflect its non-English origin. It should also be noted that the English equivalents of Arabic grammar terms are mere approximations. In some cases, they convey the exact meaning. In many cases, they do not. The student is, therefore, urged to focus on the original term in Arabic.

To the best of our ability, we have tried to remove all errors. However, we are merely human. There are bound to be some mistakes in it. Your comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions are all welcome. You can contact us with your feedback at the email address given at the end.

We hope and pray that this revised translation will be of benefit to the students. We also pray that Allah, the Exalted, accepts this humble effort from all those who have contributed to it in any way, especially the typists; and gives us the power to continue with more. We also request the readers and all those who benefit from it in any way to remember us in their prayers.

And He alone gives success.

‘Aamir Bashir
Buffalo, NY
9 Sha‘ban, 1432 (8 July, 2011)
E-mail: ainbay97@yahoo.com

Download: Tasheel al-Nahw

26 thoughts on “Tasheel al-Nahw: Revised English Translation of ‘Ilm al-Nahw for Free Download

  1. as-salamu ‘alai-kum,

    i’m sorry if this sounds greedy! but does mawlana ‘aamir [may Allah preserve him!] intend to translate ‘ilmu s-sarf also?

    [btw — the translation looks great! may Allah reward the mawlana abundantly!]

    • Wa alaikum assalam,

      From what I know, Mawlana Husain Abdussatar’s “Fundamentals of Classical Arabic Grammar” is the translation of ‘Ilm al-Sarf. The published volume is the translation of ‘Ilm al-Sarf Awwalayn, and I have been told that the draft of ‘Ilm al-Sarf Akhirayn is also ready. You should contact him at Sacred Learning to see when that is coming out.


      • Assalamu Alaykum
        Respected Maulana
        Can you please forward me the Editable Version of the Tasheelun Nahw Cover.
        We wish to reprint the book as it is taught in our Madaaris.
        The Cover would really compliment a Good Finish
        Jazakallahu Khair

    • sorry for the late reply.
      No, there is no hard copy apart from what you print out yourself. another way to do this is to print it through FedEx Kinkos. It costs around $20 with ring binding and plastic cover.

      we might bring out a printed version at the end of next year.

  2. jazak Allah khairan, i badly needed it! looking forward to ilm un nahw akhrain english translation, and tariqa tul asariyah as wellll,,,plzzzzz.. Blessings of ALLAH with you.!!

  3. Salam, all.

    Some brothers have been contacting me about publishing “Tasheel al-Nahw” and “Ten Lesson.” I just wanted to mention that I am in the process of editing both. Their current online versions are useable but they do need improvement, and there are some mistakes. I am teaching both this year, and while teaching I am making the necessary adjustments. As I move along the process of editing, I post new versions online at ilmresources.wordpress.com. I hope to complete the revision of “Tasheel al-Nahw” and “Ten Lessons” by the middle of May this year, insha Allah. Currently, ver 1.4 of Tasheel al-Nahw is online which has been revised up to the end of chapter 3. So, please, wait for a couple more months. Then, insha Allah, you can publish both.

    Secondly, before I give you the editable file, I’d like to know more about you. What is your background? Where are u based? What is the name of your company? What other books have u published? Where can I get those books to check the quality? and where do u plan to sell the books? and most importantly, how will the publishing process work with you guys?

    So publishing will depend on all of that. As for just printing the files as they are, then as it says in the pdfs, you can do that any time (preferably after May). No permission needed.

    Lastly, it is better to do this conversation via email. My email, as given in the pdfs is: ainbay97@yahoo.com.

    I hope this helps.

  4. A.w.w! I just wanted to ask.. What book (in english) would u advise me to get for studying of nahw? Any famous books which are commonly used by MOTS students of arabic. Plz help… *anxiously waiting for rply*

  5. Sorry I meant MOST students of arabic… As I hardly have any info regarding nahw text-books and I badly need one… Will be going joburg insh allah so plz cud u suggest a nahw textbook easily found in bookshops.. Jaz..

  6. A simple sequence for Nahw is as follows:
    1. Ten Lessons (available at ilmresources.wordpress.com). The new edition should be up in a month or so.
    2. Tasheel al-Nahw. (ver 1.4 is available at ilmresources.wordpress.com). The new edition should be up in a month or so.
    3. “A Simplified Arabic Grammar” by Mawlana Hasan Dockrat or some Arabic text like “al-Nahw al-Wadih” OR “Hidayat al-Nahw or al-Ajurrumiyyah.”
    4. Sharh ibn ‘Aqil.

    The new edition of Tahseel al-Nahw will, insha Allah, have a more detailed description of a possible Arabic Language curriculum.

    • Jazakallahu khair for th rply… May ALLAH TA’LA grant u lots of reward n mk u successful in th aakhirah… Just a reminder: makin a muslim bro/sis happy u get th reward of ONE tawaf of th ka’bah. Also, fulfilling som1’s need u get reward of 10 years e’tikaaf n 73 rahamah’s descend on u. All these virtues r only attained with niyyah…so we shud all mk niyyah when doin any of th above insha allah.. Slmzzz…

  7. aslm
    The kitab prepared in Benoni was taken from Ml Hassen Dockrats (a simplified arabic grammar)
    if you look at the acknowledgement on the Benoni kitab you will notice it

  8. Salam, all.
    I just wanted to mention that the second online editions of both Ten Lessons & Tasheel al-Nahw are now available at ilmresources.wordpress.com

  9. Assalamuwalaikum
    Firstly I ask Allah accepts my humble duas in thanking you for all the effort you have put in for making these wonderful books readily avaiable to us, may Allah be pleased and reward your sincere work.

    I am a new student and our teacher has decided to use Tasheel ul Nahw, I have the old version 2, a few days ago I was updating the amendments and was confused with the corrected definition for unrestricted plural. Previoulsy the book stated that it was any word inclusive of number ten onwards, the amendment states that it should be any word inclusive of number 3 onwards. I asked my teacher why this was but my teacher does not know.

    I humbly ask if you can please explain the change in the definition, I have little knowledge of my own and am very confused at the moment, this has actually left me with a headache and look forward for clarity.

    Jazak Allah khair
    Umme Saffiyah

    • Wa ‘alaykum assalam.

      Sorry about the headache. Actually, when I was studying I had been taught the same definition as was found in the first and second editions of Tasheel al-Nahw. I changed it because Mawlana Omar Salejee pointed out (with references) that the actual definition is “3 onwards.” If you are interested in the reference or want to share it with your teacher, you can see Jaami’ al-Durus al-‘Arabiyyah of Mustafa al-Ghalayini (Cairo: Dar al-Hadith), vol. 2, p.28. The pdf is available at http://ia600304.us.archive.org/18/items/haama/02.pdf.
      I hope this helps.

  10. Assalaamu alykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    Does anyone know where to find PDF of Tasheel us Sarf and Tasheel un Nahw?

    Jazakallah khyr

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