Kutub Hadhdhara Minha ‘l-‘Ulama’ by Mashhur Hasan Aal Salman

Kutub HadhdharaFor people interested in the topic of false attribution of books to authors as well as other books that one should stay away from, Kutun Hadhdhara minha ‘l-‘Ulama’ is a very beneficial resource. However, the book is full of many unnecessary attacks on Sunni ‘ulama and should be read with caution.

In the book is a discussion about the authenticity of the attribution of the book Futuh al-Sham to Imam Waqidi (pg. 284). The author, a Jordanian Salafi, concludes that while further research is needed into its sources, manuscripts, and attribution to Imam Waqidi, it is an unreliable work that cannot be authentically attributed in its totality to him. Instead, it seems that someone fabricated this work and attributed it to him.

It can be downloaded from here:

[link and discussion courtesy of Shaykh Husain Kadodia, with changes]

2 thoughts on “Kutub Hadhdhara Minha ‘l-‘Ulama’ by Mashhur Hasan Aal Salman

  1. Salam

    I would treat anything produced by Mashur Hasan Salman with extreme caution and scepticism requiring verification. He is the author of an appalling attack on Imam Nawawi, extracts of which can be found on the internet.


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