Al-Mu’jaz fi Tarikh al-Balaghah by Dr. Mazin al-Mubarak

Please see the following short work on the history of Balaghah, entitled appropriately al-Mujaz fi Tarikh al-Balaghah. Although the book is not as well-organized as others on the history of Arabic literature, it is short and concentrates on the Balaghah aspect of Arabic literature. The work tends to emphasize certain points of the history of rhetoric more than others in accordance with the author’s taste of topics, but is still quite comprehensive and useful for the beginner. More than anything, the relatively small size of the book is reason enough for a beginner of Balaghah to read through it, if even only briefly.

al-Mujaz fi Tarikh al-Balaghah

4 thoughts on “Al-Mu’jaz fi Tarikh al-Balaghah by Dr. Mazin al-Mubarak

  1. Shaykh Saleh Ghursi has a nice intro To Isam’s sharh on Al Risalah Al samarqandiyyah, in about 8 pages. not enough detail, but still nice fawaid he gives.

    • Any book recommendation would be best given after receiving some background about who it is being recommended to. What level of studies in Arabic are you at?

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