Al-Jawahir al-Kalamiyyah ‘ala ‘l-‘Aqidat al-Islamiyyah by Shaykh Tahir al-Jaza’iri

The following is a short treatise on basic issues of ‘aqidah by the famed Imam Tahir al-Jaza’iri, the author of Tawjih al-Nazar in the science of hadith terminology and methodology and an excellent book on various issues of the ‘ulum al-Qur’an (published with the tahqiq of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah).

Short but thorough, Al-Jawahir is included in the syllabus of some schools as an introductory text to the science of ‘aqidah. It is prefaced by a wonderful excerpt from Shaykh Buti’s Kubra al-Yaqiniyyat that discussed the approach of the early and later scholars to ‘aqidah (salaf vs. khalaf).

Al-Jawahir al-Kalamiyyah

6 thoughts on “Al-Jawahir al-Kalamiyyah ‘ala ‘l-‘Aqidat al-Islamiyyah by Shaykh Tahir al-Jaza’iri

  1. Salam,

    Masha’Allah, this is wonderful, I have been looking for this text in Arabic for a long time. The book was translated into Dutch in the 50ies of the previous century by an Orientalist scholar of which I have a print. Thanks a lot.

    Friendly greetings,


    • Al-salam ‘alaykum,

      Not that I know of, although the book is not very long and I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to translate. Perhaps a project worth embarking on by some of our readers. :)

      Bilal Ali

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