Looking for Sirah Books in Arabic?

Do you have a thirst for Arabic books on the prophetic biography? Here is a website that should satisfy your thirst.

Rasolallah.abed-alkarem.com has a massive list of books that deal with the sirah and has provided a downloadable version of each as well. The list so far holds over 170 books, both modern and classical.

To download the books and read the list of available titles, click here.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Sirah Books in Arabic?

  1. Avoid the Albani, Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, Khumayyis, Sameer Maalikee et al. Ibn Hisham, the Shifa, Shawqi’s Nahj al-Burdah was nice, Al-Anwar of al-Baghawi with Tahqiq of Sh Ibrahim al-Ya’qubi is nice. The rest I don’t know about…


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