Resources for Introduction to Hadith Sciences

بسم الله و الحمد لله


مقدمة في أصول الحديث  
al-Muhaddith Abd al-Haqq al-Dehlawi

(كشف المغيث (شرح مقدمة في أصول الحديث للدهلوي
Mufti Shu’aybullah Khan al-Miftāhi

شرح المنظومة البيقونية
Shaykh Abdullah Sirājuddin

نزهة النظر شرح نخبة الفكر
Imam Ibn Hajr al-‘Asqalāni (tahqīq of Shaykh Nūruddīn ‘Itr)

القول المبتكر على شرح نخبة الفكر
Allāmah Qāsim ibn Qutlūbugha

شرح شرح نخبة
Mulla Ali al-Qārī

ما لا يستغني عنه المحدث و الفقيه
Mawlana Abd al-Halīm al-Nu’māni al-Chishti

الرفع و التكميل في الجرح و التعديل
Imam Abd al-Hayy al-Laknawi

أصول التخريج و دراسة الأسانيد
Shaykh Mahmud al-Tahhān


Additional resources:

دراسات في أصول الحديث على منهج الحنفية
Shaykh Abd al-Majīd al-Turkmāni
(Although this is a copy of the 1st edition, the latest edition available is the 4th which was published in 1436AH/2015CE by Maktabah al-Kawthar of Jāmi’ah al-Rashīd in Karachi, Pakistan.

قواعد في علوم الحديث
Mawlana Żafar Ahmad Uthmāni (tahqīq of Shaykh Abd al-Fattāh Abu Ghuddah)

أنواع المصنفات في الحديث النبوي
Mufti Shu’aybullah Khan al-Miftāhi

أحسن الخبر في مبادئ علم الأثر
Mawlana Muhammad Hasan Jān al-Shaheed

القواعد الأساسية في علم مصطلح الحديث
Shaykh Muhammad bin ‘Alawi al-Māliki

تيسير مصطلح الحديث
Shaykh Mahmud al-Tahhān

مقدمة في أصول التعديل و التجريح
Imam Abu al-Walīd al-Bājī al-Mālikī (tahqīq & ta’līq of Mufti Shu’aybullah Khan)

المنهل اللطيف فى أصول الحديث الشريف
Shaykh Muhammad bin ‘Alawi al-Māliki

تدوين الحديث
Mawlānā Manāzir Ahsan al-Jīlānī (ta’rīb by Mawlānā Dr. Abd al-Razzāq Iskandar, takhrīj of Dr. Bashār Awwād Ma’rūf)

Makers of Islamic Civilization: Bukhari
Dr. Ghassan Abd al-Jabbar

The Science of Rijal as a Method in the Study of Hadith
Dr. Iftikhar Zaman

Introduction to Hadith
Mufti Ebrahim Desai

The Preservation of Hadith – A Brief Introduction To The Science of Hadith
Shaykh Ibrahim Madani

Reading List for Islamic Theology, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Secularism, Metaphysics, and Other Issues

The following list was provided to us by our dear friend, Shaykh Omar Qureshi, after my request for a list of suggested readings for students of theology interesting in furthering their understanding of Atheism and Evolution.

Reading list for Islamic Theology, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Secularism, Metaphysics, and Other Issues

(Updated on 5/10/18)

Anderson, Ryan T. 2018. When Harry became Sally: responding to the transgender moment. New York: Encounter Books.

Al-Attas, Muhammad Naquib. Islām and Secularism. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, 1993.

al-Attas, Syed Muhammad Naquib. 2015. On justice and the nature of man: a commentary on surah al-nisa (4):58 and surah al-mu’minun (23):12-14. Kuala Lumpur: IBFIM.Read More »

Review: Muwatta’ al-Imam Malik: Riwayat al-Shafi’i ‘an Malik

Book Review: ‘Muwatta’  al-Imam Malik: Riwayat al-Shafi’i ‘an Malik’, al-Banjari, Muhammad Lutfi, Karachi: Majlis al-Da’wah wa al-Tahqiq al-Islami, 357 pages

By Maulana Zeeshan Chaudri

The Muwatta’ of Imam Malik (d.179) requires no introduction as 100s of books have been written over the centuries studying various aspects of the goldmine. This collection of Malik demonstrates the juristic acumen and expertise of the mujtahid of Medina. Interest in the book has transcended madhhab affiliations with even one of the famous transmission of the book coming via the student of Imam Abu Hanifah (d.150), Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybani (d.182). Malik’s Muwatta’ had many transmitters[1] and it became a debate amongst later Hadith experts as whose transmission from Malik was the most superior?Read More »

How to Perform Hajj, Umrah, & Ziyarah – by Shaykh Saleem Dhorat

Hajj, Umrah, Ziyarah asSalaamu Alaikum,

How to Perform Hajj

How to Perform Umrah

How to Perform Ziyarah

With Hajj less than a month away, these concise booklets compiled by Shaykh Saleem Dhorat (db), published by Islamic Dawah Academy, will be of great benefit to those preparing for the blessed journey and anyone else who plans on visiting for Umrah and for Ziyārah to Madīnah Munawwarah. They also contain illustrations when necessary, such as for the blessed pillars (Ustuwānah) in al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

Another useful booklet to obtain – by the same author and publisher – is Useful Advice for Travellers to the Haramayn.

The booklets are conveniently small and thin enough to be carried with on the journey for quick reference and review.

Please click on the links above to download.

Book Review: “The Divine Reality: God, Islam, & the Mirage of Atheism” by Hamza Tzortzis


Review by Hamdija Begovic


The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage Of Atheism

Author: Hamza Andreas Tzortzis

Publishing: December 2016. San Clemente, California: FB Publishing

ISBN-10: 0996545387

Format: Paperback, 322 pages

Generally, there are two ways to critically analyse a belief system: one is to tackle standard arguments countering them by engaging in refutations and counter-refutations – what I shall term the polemical method. The other approach is to focus on ‘unmasking’[1] a belief system which entails deconstructing and analysing the foundations upon which it is built. This method I will term the sociological one. Given my own background as a sociologist, my preference is predictably with the latter – Read More »

Book Review: Hanafi Principles of Testing Hadith

Review by: Waqar Akbar Cheema

Title: Hanafi Principles of Testing Hadith 
Author: Atabek Shukurov An-Nasafi / Sulaiman Ahmed (translator)  
Publisher: Avicenna Academy, UK  
Release Date: May 1, 2015  
Format: Hardback  
Pages: ix + 311  

The book is allegedly an attempt at revival of hanafi methdology in hadith. However, in reality far from representing the hanafi school’s actual approach it is an attempt at putting a ‘scholarly’ garb on compromising hadith as a source of Islamic law and etiquette in view of the pressing polemics and criticism coming from a different world-view.

Read More »