Tasheel al-Nahw ver 2.1 – Several updates to the 2nd Online edition

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Assalam ‘alaykum,

Mawlana Omar Salejee of Madrasah In’amiyyah, Camperdown, South Africa has pointed out a number of issues in Tasheel al-Nahw‘s 2nd online edition. May Allah reward him abundantly for his efforts. I have fixed these and updated the file. I am calling the new file “ver 2.1” because of the number of changes. I am also deleting the previous file from the website. From now on, only ver 2.1 will be available at this website.

Tasheel alNahw ver 2.1 updated

For those who have already printed out their copies of Tasheel al-Nahw, I am listing these issues below so that you can fix them manually.

  1. Page 11, 10th line from the top. The correct translation is: Twelve men came. (not ‘eleven’).
  2. Page 11, the last example on the page. The word الأمين should have a hamzah qat’iyyah after the alif-laam.
  3. Page 46, number 2.ii. The…

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