Essential Reading Material on the Dars Nizami in Urdu

Bilal Ali Ansari

1. Deeni Madaris: This is a collection of articles from conferences held in the past eighty years in India and delivered by both our ulama and educationalists. Very beneficial in learning the opinions of our elders on education. I mentioned this previously in a post but in passing.

2. Aap Beeti: Especially the second volume. Contains gems on learning and the ways of the elders.

3. Tuhfatul ‘Ulama by Hakim al-Ummat

4. Deeni Madaris Mein Ta’leem: Published by the Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad

5. Hamara Ta’leemi Nisab Kiya Ho? by Shaykh Salman Husayni Nadwi

6. Deeni Madaris Ki Mithali Khidmat: Mawlana Zahid Rashidi

8. A book on ta’lim by Allamah Yusuf Binnori. The name escapes me.

9. Hamara Taleemi Nisab: Mufti Taqi Usmani

10. Darse Nizami Kese Pharaya Jay: Mufti Taqi Usmani

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One thought on “Essential Reading Material on the Dars Nizami in Urdu

  1. Can you recommend which ones gives it a fair critique and the state of it today (if there is any need to universally restructure it at the very least)?

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