Book Review: The Immense Ocean

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The Immense Ocean

Title: The Immense Ocean (Al-Bahr Al-Madid): A Thirteenth Century Quranic Commentary on the Chapters of The All-Merciful, The Event and Iron
Author: Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Ajiba
Translated and Annotated by: Mohamed Fouad Aresmouk and Michael Abdurrahman Fitzgerald
Publisher: Fons Vitae (2009)

Shaykh Ibn Ajiba was born in northern Morocco in 1747 or 1748, into a family that descended from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was a spiritual master in the Shadhiliyya-Darqawiyya tradition. Shaykh Ibn Ajiba has written an autobiography that has been translated, also by Fons Vitae, which can be found here. In regards to the book at hand, Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Ajiba writes in his own introduction:

I have been requested by my Shaykh, Sidi Muhammad al Buzidi al-Hasani, as well as his Shaykh, Qutb Mulay al’Arabi al-Darqawi al-Hasani, to set down in writing a commentary that would combine both exoteric explanation and esoteric allusion, and…

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