Ten Lessons of Arabic based on Das Sabaq of Mawlana ‘Abd al-Salam Kidwai Nadvi

An excellent primer for beginner students of the Arabic language. Serves as a short and strong introduction to basic Arabic grammar. The translator, Mawlana Amer Bashir, was gracious enough to share the book with us. May Allah reward him again.

(We have updated this post to include the updated edition of the book, with minor corrections from the translator. I’ve also included information about printing, etc…. from the translators own site:)


I am uploading the first online edition of Ten Lessons of Arabic, which is the revised translation of Das Sabaq [Ten Lessons]. Das Sabaq in Urdu has been a part of the‘Aalim course curriculum in Western madrasahs for a number of years. It is a basic level Arabic grammar text. This first online edition has been prepared after a number of revisions. Hopefully it is free of all errors. Nevertheless, your feedback (suggestions, constructive criticism, etc.) is welcome. You can contact me at my email or by leaving a comment to this post.

Printing Suggestions: There is no printed edition. However, you can create a printed version by getting it printed double-sided at home or from a place like FedEx Office for under $20 (including ring binding).

One thing to remember is that this document has been prepared for page size 5.5″ x 8.5″.  If you retain this page size, you might find that the i’raab on Arabic words are hard to read. It is therefore, recommended that you select the option “scale to paper size letter” in the print menu so that the text is easily legible.

(Update: We have just uploaded the second edition. The link below is for the newest, second edition)

Ten Lessons of Arabic

7 thoughts on “Ten Lessons of Arabic based on Das Sabaq of Mawlana ‘Abd al-Salam Kidwai Nadvi

  1. Just wanted to mention that there needed to be a few minor adjustments. The new updated file is up at ilmresources.wordpress.com


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