Al-Fatawa al-Sirajiyyah: New Book Announcement

I received the following announcement from the renowned bibliophile Mawlana Husain Kadodia:


It is with the fadl of Allah Ta’ala that the beneficial Hanafi Fatwa Manual, al-Fatawa as-Sirajiyyah, of Siraj ad-Din al-Ushi (d. after 569 AH), has recently been edited and printed.

The work was carried out by Mawlana Uthman Bastawi, the librarian at Dar al-‘Ulum Zakariyya in South Africa, with the assistance of Mufti Owais Mia of the Dar al-Ifta in the same madrasah.

We selected Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyyah as the publisher for the book, due to their unmatched distribution network. The work was all done here in South Africa, with the publisher simply being given a pdf copy to print the book from.

There will definitely be errors in the book so ‘ulama are requested to send us feedback so that it can be corrected in future editions. We kept this print-run small so as to allow us to produce a second edition soon.

Details of the book and the cover etc… can be viewed here:

I also came across Sh Wajih ad-Din al-‘Alawi al-Gujrati’s sharh on Nuzhat an-Nazr on the Ilmiyyah website. It has just been printed. Details available here:

Husain Kadodia

4 thoughts on “Al-Fatawa al-Sirajiyyah: New Book Announcement

  1. AssalamuAlikum,
    Where can I download Sh Wajih ad-Din al-’Alawi al-Gujrati’s sharh on Nuzhat an-Nazr?

  2. Mawlana Husain Kadodia saheb,
    It would be a great service to knowledge in general, and the Hanafiyyah in particular, if some good research scholars could devote some time and effort in to producing a good edition of the highly authoritative Fatawa Qadi Khan (aka Al-Khaniyyah), recently published in 3 bulky volumes by Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah in quite a mess.


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