Editor’s Preface to Turath’s 40 on the Durud

As-Salam Alaykum,

I thought it would be meaningful to share a piece of writing with keen bibliophiles that patiently, or in my case, impatiently wait to relish the fruits of the Tahawi Oasis.  May Allah reward the contributors of this blog and further assist them in posting more wonderful threads that benefit students of knowledge amidst wide-spread confusion and ignorance. (Rabbana Zidna ‘Ilman Wa ‘nfa’na Bihi)

The piece I am sharing here is the Editor’s preface to Turath Publishing’s 40 Hadith collection on the Durud which is part of its 40 Hadith series.

To date, Turath has managed to publish only one collection, namely that attributed to Shah Wali Allah.

Whilst we’re at it I might as well point out that the 40 attributed to Shah Wali Allah with the Ahl al-Bayt isnad is in fact the 40 al-‘Alawiyyah by al-Jayyani.  Al-‘Iraqi occasions with it in his al-Taqyid wa al-Idhaah and his Tarh al-Thathrib.  Although I have not been able to identify exactly when this began, it had become the custom of Hadith scholars, at least by al-‘Iraqi’s time, to transmit this 40 to students.

With this in mind the 40 of Shah Wali Allah should thus imply “the 40 Hadith which Shah Wali Allah brought with him from the Hijaz and circulated in the sub-continent to such a degree that it became part of his legacy and ascribed to him.”  May Allah grant our dear and beloved Shah the choicest of stations in the Hereafter and permit the Ummah to learn from his knowledge.  He was most definitely as one scholar described: Had the Shah been born amongst the early generations he would have risen as one of the their leading jurist-consults.  Sahabas like Ibn ‘Umar would be pleased with him.

Turath’s forthcoming collections from the 40 series include:

– Two by Mulla Ali Qari, one of which is a general selection whilst the other is on the topic of Qur’an.

– As-Suyuti. His is a general selection. (I can confirm this and the two above have gone off to the printers.)

– Ibn Hajar’s Imtaa’. In this collection, Ibn Hajar reports 40 Hadiths from 40 scholars who report through 40 different chains that go all the way back to 40 different Companions. Despite these subtleties that seem to be showcasing a great deal of expertise, the content is in fact very general and suitable for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  It’s almost perennial I’d like to think. (I’m currently working on this)

– Ibn Asaakir’s Ummahaat. This is a 40 Hadith collection on the wives of the Prophet – Allah bless him and be pleased with his Companions.  (currently being type-set and proof-read)

– Kattani’s Fazaa’il-e-Ahl-e-Bayt (translated but requires editing, proof-reading, type-setting and a critical review.)

– ‘Ajaluni’s 40. This collection records 40 Hadiths which appear as the first hadith in 40 different books (I shall be working on this after I’m done with the Ibn Hajar insha Allah).

– 40 on Durud, and it is for this collection that I wrote the Editor’s note. (It is currently being proof-read and type-set)

This 40 on the Durud is actually an amalgamation of two 40 Hadith collections by two remarkable scholars of the past century, Sheikh Abdullah ibn Muhammed ibn as-Siddiq al-Ghumari (d. 1993) and Hazrat Moulana Ashraf ‘Ali Thanvi (d. 1943).  In this preface, I have reviewed in short the structure and nature of both books.  Given the plethora of redactions and subsequent editions of Thanvi’s 40 carrying the same typographical errors, in addition to the wide-spread misconception of assuming Sheikh al-Hadith Moulana Zakariyya to be its author, I felt the need to expand the preface slightly more than usual.  Hopefully and God willing, this preface will clear misunderstandings and set students and scholars in the right direction should they seek further academic enquiry.

There is more than one purpose for posting the preface here.  Apart from advertising the book and introducing it, I thought the preface raises issues, especially in relation to Thanvi’s 40, that deserve a wider audience.

I think this should be enough to whet the appetite of anyone interested on this topic.  I do not intend to repeat myself whilst introducing the preface here. Please do buy the book (!) as this will help fund other worthwhile projects.

Lastly, I would like to thank Turath Publishing, in particular Brother Yahya Batha a.k.a the ‘Amir-e-Karvaan’ for kindly allowing me to circulate this online.  Allahumma Zid Fa Zid!

God bless.



May Allah reward the contributors of this wondeful blog and assist them in posting more wonderful threads that benefit students of knowledge amidst wide-spread ignorance. Ameen.

4 thoughts on “Editor’s Preface to Turath’s 40 on the Durud

  1. Assalamu Alaykum

    Mawlana Uwais saheb,

    You mentioned the following in your preface:”whilst ḥadīth no. 17 is referenced to a Majd al-A’immah [al-]
    Tarjumānī, a ḥanafī jurist who is not known to have written any works”.

    At-Tarjumani’s work is titled “Yatimat ad-Dahr” and is available in manuscript form. The durud is present therein with its chain of narrators from the author to Nabi Sallalahu Alayhi wasallam.

    You also mentioned:”Ḥadīth no. 16 is referenced to Khayrūbarī’s Kitāb al-Ṣalāt, a text that has not been locatable”

    The correct name is Kamir al-Wabari, a famous Hanafi faqih.

    Also, you might consider checked whether it is no.16 that is recorded by at-Tarjumi and no.17 by al-Wabari instead of vice-versa, unless the order has been changed in this version.


    • As-Salam Alaykum Sheikh Hussain.

      JZK for your input.

      I looked up al-Tarjumani’s entry in at least three Hanafi Rijaal texts. None of them made mention to any of his works. That is what put me under the impression and gave rise to the above comment.

      Kamir al-Wabari, reads Kha-Ya-Ra Wa-Ba-Ra-Ya, or خير وبري in my text, hence the basis for the misreading.

      The edition I have relied upon is published/distributed (Naashir) by Kutub Khana Akhtari Mazahir Uloom (u.p.). Page 1 of the text bears a potrait of the Prophet’s slipper, underneath which the following note is scribed in Urdu: “Mutbu’ah: J.K. Ofset Printers, Delhi”. I obtained this copy from the Dar al-Uloom Bury Library, the only place where I managed to locate this text after much difficulty. I can scan you the page(s) if you wish to have a look at it.

      Also, the reference to both Hadiths herein is in accordance to how I have presented it above i.e. no. 16 is Kamir Wabri and 17. Majd al-A’immah.

      In any case, I’m pleased to learn al-Tarjumani has a work, Yatimat al-Dahr, does he have any others? I’d like to take a quick peek into it but not for the purpose of this foreword. The overall grain of my argument regarding the Thanvi edition has remained in tact – Wa al-Hamdu Lillah ‘Ala Dhalik. Should you identify any further areas worthy of discussion, please do contact me either here or privately.

      On another broader note, I should point out the foreword as it stands may undergo alterations by the Proofreader and other folks. Also, another text which I forgot to mention was ‘Abdur Rahman Jami’s 40 which has been translated by Dr. Muhammed Isa Waley. I’m currently finishing this one off as well and I must say the content of this book, despite the fact that it lacks the critical rigour of al-Bukhari, is really uplifting and universal in its appeal.

      JZK once again Mufti Sahib. I really can’t thank you enough.

      May Allah give baraka in our time and bless us with more ‘ilm.


      • Assalamu Alaykum

        Shaykh Uwais Namazi I wanted request your email address in order to contact you inshaAllah.



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