Massive Resource for Islamic PDFs

The following link was provided by Shaykh Muhammad Badat and Shaykh Ibrahim Amin. It is a massive collection of pdfs of Islamic books on all the Islamic sciences. The fiqh section alone contains over 960 books.

8 thoughts on “Massive Resource for Islamic PDFs

  1. Im sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but I am new to this, as mentioned earlier. Anyways, I was looking for any of the well-known Hashiya’s of Tafsir Jalalayn, available online, other than Sawi’s commentary. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  2. as salamu alaikum,

    Do you know of any pdf versions of Tafsir an-Nasafi? I searched all over the web, but to no avail. I have the shamela version, but I would prefer pdf.

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