4 thoughts on “Lists of Commentaries on the Sahihs of Bukhari and Muslim

  1. Jazakumullahu khairan for the lists. I had no idea so many commentaries existed on the Sahihain mashallah..

    • There are many more commentaries in various languages that are not on the list. Many are still in manuscript form waiting for someone to recognise their value.

      Furthermore, we know of many commentaries that were written over the centuries, but no trace of them is found today.

      The ‘Ulama of Islam have really done a remarkable job of serving the Sahihain, jazahumullahu khaira!

  2. As sallamu alaikum wa rahamtulah

    Barak Allah fikum for this.

    May be a good idea to list the sharh of aqeedah texts as well . Like Aqeedah at-tahawiyya and the like.

    Abdul Latif Al-Amin

  3. Sidi ibrahim assalamualaikum,

    Of these many commentaries, which of them of have been translated into English? Any that you would recommend?


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