I’la al-Sunan: Online Download for Two Editions

ila-al-sunanAssalamu ‘alaykum,

Mawlana Ibrahim Amin was kind enough to share with us a link to an online downloadable version of the Idarat al-Qur’an edition of ‘Allamah Zafar Ahmad al-‘Uthmani’s monumental work, I’la al-Sunan.

I’la al-Sunan (Idarat al-Qur’an Edition)

The Dar al-Fikr edition of the book has been available online for some time, but in mentioning the disadvantages of this edition it would suffice to say that the book’s separate volumes contain no index, glossary, or table of contents and are therefore a pain to search through.

I’la al-Sunan (Dar al-Fikr Edition)

18 thoughts on “I’la al-Sunan: Online Download for Two Editions

  1. Dear Brother,

    Could you tell me where i could buy the edition of Ila al-Sunan which is published in Pakistan.

    Jazakallah Khair.

    • Would you happen to have any more information regarding this Bangla translation – i.e. who the translators are, in how many volumes, when it is expected to be published etc? Jazakallah.

      • They have published Vol1, vol 2, vol3, vol4, and vol 6 so far. I have most of them. I have also talked to them and they said it will take several yrs before they can publish the rest. But they have already translated the whole thing. http://www.islamicfoundation.org.bd/pages/home.html

        One thing though, it takes them long time to publish a whole series; they publish them without any order and sometimes, they do not publish the rest. For instance, they published only upto the 9th volume of al Bidaya wan Nihaya by ibn kathir (as far as I know). I guess, it is due to financial reasons. We all should contribute to their efforts.

        Anyway, I am happy that they are doing this. May Allah S() reward them amply.

        I hope, it helps.

  2. I have downloaded all part of elaus sunan. but the fifteenth voliom is not here. without that the set is uncompleted.
    but I say THANK YOU very much.

      • I am based in the United Kindgom. London. Is there any in a english transalation or is it only in urdu?

      • There is no complete English translation that I am aware of. The book is in Arabic. The Hadith without commentary has been translated into English in three volumes I believe under the title Ihya’ al-Sunan.

      • Oh i see. So is ihya al sunan the same as ila al sunan? Meaning the exact thing inside it? Jazakallah so much brother. I have been looking for this kitaab for a very long time, so hard to find it.

      • The full work runs into around 15 volumes. The Ihya al-Sunan is a transaction of just the hadith without the commentary so it is helpful but not the entire picture.

  3. Assalamouaykoum warhmatouLlah Cheykh Billal can you tell me what is the best edition of إعلاء السنن و عمدةالقري؟ جزاك الله خيرا

    • The best edition of I’la al-Sunan is the Idarat al-Qur’an edition that’s published from Karachi. I believe the ‘Umdah doesn’t have many editions to compare. I have the Dar al-Fikr edition. I haven’t compared it to other editions.

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