WordPress Gives at-Tahawi a Present

This is an email we just received from WordPress.com: To celebrate the New Year we’ve decided to offer you more space for your precious media. Your space upgrade has been increased without any additional cost for you as follows: 5GB -> 10GB Your total available space has been automatically updated and as you can see […]

Request for Funds for Site Upgrade

Salam everyone, The at-Tahawi team is looking to raise one hundred dollars a year for a premium subscription for our website theme. That will allow us to remove ads from our site, will give us more space for file uploads, and will also allow for more customization. If you are interested in contributing, please email […]

New Template Up

Al-Salam ‘alaykum, In case you didn’t notice, we are using a new template for attahawi.com this year. I realize that some readers may have preferred the older template. This new template makes the home page much more compact, minimalist, and sorts the categories and pages better. It also allows for an updates section beneath the […]